Burak is an Istanbul based director & cinematographer working in films, music videos, documentaries, branded contents and commercials. He’s shot for a variety of clients including Google, Vodafone, Nike, Hyundai, Canon, Remax, Ülker, Efes Pilsen, Zorlu Group, Arçelik, Uzunetap with the production companies such as Azad Films, Maça Film, Zenger Agency, Just Production, Autobahn and GoShots.

As a director of photography, he worked in all conditions from candlelight to large set lights to expand his knowledge and experience. Camera equipment in the style of ‘Run and Gun’ closely follows the developing technology, focusing on the creative use of mobile lights and natural light.

He was passionate about creating artistically beautiful, cinematic, visual art. He gravitated organically into the visual storytelling in 2008. He won the first photography award in 2010 and followingly entered the cinema department on MSGSU.

As a Producer and DOP, he filmed Uninhabitable which has competed at national and international festivals and won Best Live Action Award at Silk Road Film Festival in Ireland.

In 2015, Burak wrote, directed, shot, and edited his first narrative work called as Dilemma that has won Screenplay Award at Bosphorus Film Festival. Dilemma has competed at film festivals such as Ankara International FF, International Bosphorus FF and Eskisehir International FF.

He also turned into the color correction field to increase his command of visual design. In 2018, he’s attended some color trainings made by Blackmagic Design in London. In addition to his work as a director, he has also appeared in music videos, documentaries and various short films as a colorist.

From the very beginning, through today, the urge of creating the images artistically has always driven him and led him to try to evoke a feeling for the audience. While he specializing in color grading at DaVinci Resolve, his cinematographer career also continues as a freelancer. Besides, he is organizing some cinematography, videography and color trainings in Izmir Film Festival, Canon, OktoStore and some universities.